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Artificial Intelligence

The 5 stages of AI grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

Those that navigate through these stages quickly can ascend from acceptance to accelerator and harness the power of AI to rapidly reskill. 

Embrace the AI Pivot Method to shift the power of Artificial Intelligence in your favor. Join the conversation at Urelevant to learn the tools, tech and talents driving us all into an exciting future!

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Business Essentials

Embrace a new perspective of business essentials through the emerging lens of Data + AI + CRM + Trust.

Join podcast host and best-selling instructor Mike Wheeler to learn how customer / constituent relationship management is being reimagined with Artificial Intelligence. 

The Dow Jones Industrial Average consists of just 30 companies, with Salesforce being one of them. As the world’s leading CRM, Salesforce’s own trajectory is a good barometer of the global economy.

Gain in-depth insights into Salesforce’s AI roadmap. Join the conversation at Urelevant to navigate the AI Trust Layer with confidence.



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Skills Graph

Discover the Power of the Skills Graph: Navigating the Future of Work

The Skills Economy is rapidly emerging. The future of work will be shaped by those that master the Skills Graph. This is similar to Facebook’s own rise to dominance with the Social Graph. 

The Skills Graph captures the array of skills, competencies, and connections of tomorrow's workforce. As business evolution hastens, understanding the intricacies between people and their skills becomes crucial for navigating the changing landscape of employment. 

Organizations are building detailed skills libraries and taxonomies to better match the right people with the right jobs, embracing a skills-based approach that transcends traditional hiring.

With the advent of AI, the importance of Soft Skills has now grown exponentially. Join the conversation at Urelevant to hone durable skills to your advantage. Here, we target the intersection of hard/tech and soft/durable skills to plumb the depths of the hybrid skill of Problem Solving.

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